Pattern Making Tips For Your Maisie Dress

Little things, that don't seem like much, can make a big difference when sewing up a pattern. A major one that most people don't consider are curves. The shape of the curve will determine how you need to finish it, so here are some examples that you might like to try when drafting your Maisie Dress.

When creating a curve, always square out a straight line, in this case from the centre front or centre back. The length is arbitrary to start with as it is used to balance your French ruler to make a nice curve. Place your French curve on the shoulder point, and the squared out line; move it around until you get a nice shape. Below are two example of curves using the same ruler, but the result is very different, and will dictate the order of sewing.


Never draw a curve up to a centre line, it will end up looking like a rounded V neck - unless this is something you want!

Trace the front and back necklines, meeting at the shoulder. This will show you how the curves behave at the shoulder intersection.

If they come to a point, this is a boat neck, and you will have to finish the front and back necks separately, then sew the shoulder seam.

If the curve is rounded, this is a scoop neck, and you can firstly sew the shoulders, then finish the neckline. Looking at your pattern pieces lined up at the shoulder will also show you if you need to blend the curve at the shoulder point for a smooth sewing line.

Enjoy drafting and making your Maisie Dress! And don't forget to share on Instagram #maisiedress

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