This is an on-trend Bib add-on for the Phoebe Freebie jumpsuit or the Phoebe Pockets to make overalls. Options included for high or low waisted, a sway back adjustment, cup sizes, and ties can fasten with knots, buttons or braces.

Pattern comes with a bonus retro headband pattern.

This is a PDF Pattern for the bibs only, and is designed to be added onto the Phoebe Freebie or Phoebe Pockets. 

The bib pattern features darts to conture to the bust and reduce gaping, and includes cup sizes grouped as (A/B/C), (D/E), (F/G).

Sizes 6 - 20

Downloads include: PDF A4/US Letter home print, A0 Shop Copy and Instructions. The A4/US letter pattern can be printed with layers, so you only need to print your individual size,or you may wish to print multiple layers if you need to grade between sizes. There is also a handy envelope design to assist storage and reference.

Phoebe Bib & Tucker

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  • Kylie T: I really enjoyed making the phoebe overalls - particularly this is a different style to my usual makes. They are so much fun to wear!! The instructions and diagrams were clear and easy to follow, and I loved the multiple options to individualise the final outfit, as well as the fit options. The pattern included modifications for bust size, waist length and sway back - meaning that I didn’t have figure it all out myself. I can see that you can build a great wardrobe from this patterns and all the add ons.

    Melissa: The Phoebe bib pattern was extremely enjoyable to sew. The instructions were clear and the pants and bib came together easily. Under-stitching and top-stitching are small details that make the overalls look more finished. Also as an A cup, I appreciate the bust darts that provide a bit of shaping, as opposed to traditional bibs which accentuate my small chest. I made the Phoebe bib in linen and anticipate wearing them often during the summer.

    Anna B: Love, Iove love them, in fact Im wearing them to a party tonight. I made them up in flora print and as I was sewing them my children informed me that they would not walk down the street with me wearing them. Now they are made they want some for themselves. Another great pattern which is comfortable, fun and flattering to wear.

    Barbara B: The Phoebe Bib and Tucker add-on is a must have for the Phoebe Collection! This pattern Collection is a blank slate and you can modify (hack) it many ways. Use this add on to top the Phoebe shorts, capri pants, long pants or even a maxi skirt! The combinations are endless!


    Olivia H: This is such a fun pattern. You can let your imagination run wild!

    Steph: This is a great little pair of overalls. They are a quick and easy sew and the fit was pretty much bang on. The swayback addition is a fantastic idea and made such a difference to the look (so going to steal this for other things I sew). The hackability of these is endless. I also love the different waisted options.

    Lynn B: Super quick and easy to make. Instructions were very good and easy to understand. Perfect bib overalls for a linen look .Will definitely be taking this pair to the beach this summer.