The Lulu Tee is a bat-wing of magyar style tee-shirt in cup sizes A - G. Featuring a high, wide neckline, binding along the arms and neckline, and buttons or snaps fastening the shoulder seams. The magyar style is more fitted through the bust and arms, while the bat-wing style is looser and has an optional waistband.

Pattern has options for cup sizes grouped as (A/B/C), (D/E), (F/G).

Sizes 6 - 26.

Downloads include: PDF A4/US Letter home print, A0 Shop Copy and Instructions. The  pattern can be printed with layers, so you only need to print your individual size, or you may wish to print multiple layers if you need to grade between sizes. There is also a handy envelope design to assist storage and reference.

Lulu Tee

SKU: PU_LT_0719
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  • Lim K. A versatile pattern perfect for beginners. I'm envisioning more in different fabrics!

    Pamela H. The LuLu Batwing style with band is such a fun sew. Instructions are very clear with great diagrams. It is great for using some of your smaller pieces of fabric. Then you get to put decorative buttons on the sleeves! Options are endless.

    Tiny F. I loved the pattern and can use with different type of fabric

    Anna B. A really easy top to sew with has a finished result which looks special and "not easy". The little details on the Pattern Union patterns really make them shine.

    Amanda H.The Lulu Tee batwing version with the waistband is such a fantastic pattern. I was fortunate to be a pattern tester and loved how easily the pattern came together. And the snaps? They add such a fun element to the top, along with the binding. I got so many compliments when I wore it to work. Can’t wait to make more!

    Tracy B.This was an extremely quick sew and the binding for the sleeves and neckline went on like a dream. No buttonholes needed just stitch the buttons right to the trim. I love this and see myself making more. The sleeve length is perfect for me year round.