The Lulu Tee is a bat-wing of magyar style tee-shirt in cup sizes A - G. Featuring a high, wide neckline, binding along the arms and neckline, and buttons or snaps fastening the shoulder seams. The magyar style is more fitted through the bust and arms, while the bat-wing style is looser and has an optional waistband.

Pattern has options for cup sizes grouped as (A/B/C), (D/E), (F/G).

Sizes 6 - 26.

Downloads include: PDF A4/US Letter home print, A0 Shop Copy and Instructions. The  pattern can be printed with layers, so you only need to print your individual size, or you may wish to print multiple layers if you need to grade between sizes. There is also a handy envelope design to assist storage and reference.

Lulu Tee

SKU: PU_LT_0719