Blocks, also known as Slopers, provide the foundation for pattern making. They do not include style lines or seam allowance, and should not be treated as 'patterns'.

To help find your perfect fit, please refer to our size charts:

Fitting is so important. I always say, it doesn’t matter how beautifully a garment has been sewn, if it doesn’t fit properly, it won’t be worn. Over the years of working in fashion, I have measured a lot of women, and it doesn’t matter how big or small they are, one factor keeps coming up that impacts fit, and that factor is body shape.


In order to fit your clothes well, if you know your body type, you can easily alter your patterns to fit, as the same issues will continue to arise. Some people are lucky, and they can pick up a pattern, and it will fit. But those people are rare. Along with body shape, we have other factors, such as the tilt of a pelvis, the roll of shoulders, low or short bodies, high or low waists – the list goes on, as we are all unique.


Keep an eye on the Tutorials page for tips on how to address fitting issues, so you can have perfectly fitted garments created by you!